Readiness Planning

Active risk management based on a thorough understanding of your business

Our experts work with your team to identify your business risks and appropriate mitigations
We work with your Critical Suppliers to identify the risks they present to your business
We then create and maintain simple Crisis Management and Business Recovery plans
BC Plan

Our Readiness Planning Approach

Making a business Resilient starts with a commitment from senior management to embed Resilience within the business and publish a Policy Statement to support the program. The next step is for our team to work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business and what makes it successful:

Identify Critical Processes – what are the vital organs of your business that need to be preserved and recovered in the immediate aftermath of a business interruption

Identify Resources – what are the Resources needed to run the Critical Processes (people, property, systems, suppliers etc) and how long can they be unavailable

Identify & Manage Risks – what are the risks that could affect each of the identified Resources and how can those risks be managed down to a tolerable level or risk transferred via insurance

We manage the entire Readiness Planning process for you and once complete write a detailed set of Crisis Management and Business Recovery plans for distribution to your management team.

Now that your business is Resilient we do not stop there. On an ongoing basis our team will monitor your business risks, maintain your plans, coordinate test activities and provide 24/7 Crisis Management support should you suffer Business Interruption.

Demonstrating your Resilience

Business Resilience is one of the hallmarks of a well managed business. Resilience demonstrates your ability to withstand business interruption and despite this, still continue to honour your commitments to your customers

Clients, Insurers, Regulators and Investors will gain confidence in your company by knowing you understand and fully embrace Business Resilience. So rather than feeling awkward when asked difficult questions about your Resilience, our clients can be proud of their approach and can even measure their level of Resilience:

CP3Resilience Score – as soon as your company is established on the Continuity Partner platform we will award you a Resilience Score and certificate. Our scoring system is based on 6 key measures of Resilience

Resilience Policy & Management Statement – we will write you a clearly defined policy statement that confirms your enduring commitment to Business Resilience and the appointment of Continuity Partner to manage this business process in accordance with best practice

Providing a copy of your Resilience Score and Resilience Policy will satisfy the vast majority of due diligence questions you may be asked by stakeholders. If more detail is needed our team are always happy to help answer these questions.

To test your current level of Business Resilience FREE OF CHARGE please contact us now.