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Effective Crisis Communications are essential for businesses of all sizes in these times of 24/7 Social Media.  A well executed communications plan, in the right timeframe and using the right channels is critical to protect your business interests and reputation.
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Crisis Communications FAQs

Why is Crisis Communications planning important for a small business?

We now live in a 24/7 world due to Social Media and the Internet.  Customers, Partners, Staff, Local Press and even passers by can generate global content and attention from their smart phones.  A few short years ago a story couldn’t ‘Go Viral’ now it can.  Understanding how you would communicate if you ‘become the story’ or how you would avoid ‘becoming the story’ is essential for businesses of all sizes.

How do you get started with putting a Crisis Communications plan together?

There are a number of ways to do this, but we prefer to start with identifying audiences that we might need to communicate with in a Crisis situation ie. Staff, Customers, Lenders, Press, Emergency Services, Media etc.  Then identify the contact details for each of the audiences.  From this point you can start to write standard messaging, identify and train spokespeople then test and evolve your Crisis Communications plan.

What are the scenarios we should plan for, from a Crisis Communications perspective?

This list will vary depending upon your business circumstances but think about Crises like Product Recall, Sudden Death, Fire, Scandal etc. Regardless of the incident it is likely your company will need to make a statement, answer press questions and take appropriate action on Social Media.

How do I know that my Crisis Communications won't make the situation worse?

By combining preparation ahead of the Crisis event alongside expert advice at the time will maximise your chances of containing the situation and minimising the negative impact on your business.  The benefits of appointing an experienced Crisis Communications advisor cannot be understated.

I don't feel comfortable speaking in public. Is it possible to appoint an agency to speak on my behalf?

It is possible to appoint an agency to speak on your behalf, but there may be circumstances when the press and customers expect a statement from the owner or senior managers of the business.  We would always recommend that members of the senior management team are given a basic level of Crisis Communications media training.  To book on to a course please Contact Us

How do I track what is being said about my company online?

There are numerous tools available for tracking social media activity at a range of price points, just Google ‘Social Media Monitoring’ and find a system that works for you across multiple platforms.  We can also introduce you to trusted Social Media Monitoring agencies for an initial consultation.

How do I balance the need for open communication with the potential for accepting legal liability?

Balancing the desire to be as open as possible during a crisis whilst keeping an eye on potential liability is one of the key challenges of Crisis Communications.  There is no simple answer to the question, as each case needs to be reviewed on its own merits. Our Crisis Managers will recommend full involvement of your Insurer, Legal Counsel and Crisis Comms advisor to agree a form of words that satisfies the two potentially conflicting requirements.