Crisis Avoidance

Active Threat Monitoring & Alerting

Active Threat Monitoring is your early warning system for threats and incidents that could impact your business.
We aim to to alert you if an incident is About to Happen or Has just Happened.
The earlier you can take Avoidance Action or Recovery Action the better your chances of long term Business Survival.
Active Threat Monitoring

Active Threat Monitoring Process

Trust Continuity Partner to ‘keep an eye’ on your business

Continuity Partner clients benefit from our unique Threat Monitoring & Alerting service:

Your Business Address Geocoded and Mapped

Your business address is mapped onto our Threat Monitoring system

Threat Monitoring Enabled

Our operations team monitor Social Media, News Channels, Weather Services and Regulatory Channels for potential incidents

Incident Mapping

Geographical incidents are mapped on our Crisis Management system and checked for proximity to your business premises.

Intelligent Alerting

Our team assess the potential impact of incidents and regulatory changes on your business and alert you if necessary

Threat Monitoring in Practice

Take decisive Crisis Management action without delay

It is possible to avoid a Crisis or minimise the impact of a Crisis through early warning, here is an example.

  • 10pm Saturday night and the office next door to yours is gutted by Fire
  • Your office is unoccupied for the weekend
  • The Fire Brigade cordon off the street to fight the fire
  • Continuity Partner are alerted to the fire at 10.20pm via news channel monitoring, the location of the incident is mapped, verified and identified as being a match with your office
  • Continuity Partner alert you via eMail and Text message at 10.45pm
  • Continuity Partner crisis managers¬†work with you to implement your Business Recovery plan

Without Active Threat Monitoring it is possible that you would have been unaware of the incident until arriving at the office on Monday morning to find the street closed off and access denied, leading to expensive and unnecessary Business Interruption.