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Business Continuity Plan – “if push comes to shove – will it work?”

The million dollar question for most businesses when they review their Business Continuity program is “If push comes to shove – will it work?” and ultimately the only way to find out is by experiencing a real business interruption. Not what the board wants to hear! Helmuth von Moltke famously said: “No battle plan survives contact…


3 Ways to Improve your Bottom Line with a Business Continuity Program

  Business Continuity We all know that embedding a Business Continuity process within an organisation creates a higher level of Resilience. Instinctively a higher level of Resilience is a good thing – but at what cost? In most cases Boards are signing off (or not signing off) Business Continuity Costs whereas I believe they should…

Emergency Succession Planning

Talking about Death

Being taken in an untimely manner is something most of us don’t like to consider or even talk about.   When I talk to clients (especially Owner Managed SME’s) about their Business Continuity plans it’s one of the first subjects I raise. Usually a shocked look is returned as they were expecting to discuss Fires,…


Business Continuity in the ‘Real World’

Away from the rarified atmosphere of the Global Corporate with its leather seats, support departments, hierarchies and standards is the world that most of us business owners occupy – the ‘Real World’ In the ‘Real World’ your personal livelihood and that of your employees is at stake, and you as the business owner are responsible.…


London’s Burning (or is it?)

In a recent meeting with a client we had a long discussion about the risks his London based business faced. At the point I mentioned Fire Risk he became quite dismissive and told me he had never experienced a fire at any of the offices he has worked in and can’t remember any fires in…