Are you the Weakest Link?

The famous quote ‘nobody ever got fired for buying IBM’ is as valid today as it ever was. It strikes to the heart of the buying process within many organisations. If the new supplier relationship does not deliver as expected then the buyer can minimise his personal responsibility by having chosen the market leader. Of…


Holborn Fire Update

17:00 – Thursday 2nd April 2015 As we head in to the bank holiday weekend the emergency services are still working hard to extinguish the gas fire on Kingsway. Indeed National Grid are advising that gas supplies to the surrounding area may need to be turned off – see Camden Council statement below… “Emergency services…

Evacuation, Invacuation or Lockdown

Evacuation, Invacuation or Lockdown?

Differing Emergency situations will require differing types of response, including Evacuation, Invacuation or Lockdown. Do your employees know what to do in a Workplace emergency and have they practiced their response to make it instinctive? The tragic events in Paris yesterday demonstrated the need for neighbouring businesses to have a clearly communicated Lockdown policy. So…

Health Check Image

Time for a Check Up?

Last week as the clock turned midnight I am sure most of us made a New Years Resolution or two. I certainly did, and unfortunately it will involve a drastic reduction in Red Wine, Cheese and Chocolate as I try to improve my fitness. My improving fitness should be reflected in my improving vital signs…

Roadside Assistance, Flat Tyre

Business Continuity – It’s just like changing a wheel?

This morning as I was walking my dog I came across a car at the side of the main road, hazard lights flashing and a young guy of around 20 standing on the pavement. As I approached him I asked if he was ok. He responded that he had a flat tyre and didn’t know…