About Us – Business Resilience

Our vision is of a world where no business is unprepared for a crisis, or suffers due to a risk that could have been avoided or easily mitigated. We see a future where Business Resilience is normal.

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Our Founders

Matt Hodges-Long - Business Continuity ExpertMatt Hodges-Long – Business Continuity Expert

Matt has helped hundreds of businesses recover from high profile business interruptions such as 9/11, Buncefield, Hurricane Sandy, Thames Floods, Japanese Tsunami, Boston Bombings and countless smaller incidents that escaped the headlines. Previously as the Global Director of Workplace Recovery at Regus plc, Matt and his team provided business resilience services to clients of all sizes in over 100 countries. Matt is passionate about helping clients to protect their interests, win more business and ultimately improve their chances of surviving and thriving should the worst happen.  

RichardRichard Carman – Digital Expert

Richard blends over 20 years of technology and management experience, 15 of which were at the helm of digital agencies, and 8 years as an army officer serving in hostile environments with the Royal Engineers. Having been involved with numerous businesses and projects at the forefront of digital innovation, Richard is a passionate advocate of the application of technology to solve business challenges. Richard’s focus at Continuity Partner is on bringing together a broad spectrum of technologies, platforms and systems to create a truly contextual business resilience service.

Our founders are supported by a hand picked team of subject matter experts across disciplines such as Insurance, Information Security, Health & Safety, Physical Security, Crisis Communications, Fire Risk & Flood Risk.

We also work very closely with our Expert Partners to deliver integrated solutions to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide a fully managed Business Resilience service that includes planning, alerting and 24/7 crisis support to companies of all sizes and across all sectors. To position Continuity Partner as the gold standard for Business Resilience.

Our Values

Every decision we make is checked against our values:


Everything we do is in the best interests of our clients


First and foremost, every crisis has a human impact


Your problem is our problem, we won’t rest until it’s resolved.